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  • What type of fence posts and rails does Twin Coast Fencing use?
    We don't advise using 75mm x 50mm rails as over time the fence will sag between the posts. 100mm x 50mm rails are superior. 100mm x 100mm posts are preferable to 100mm x 75mm posts. Even the types of nails used can make a difference to the quality of your fence. We build our fences to last.
  • Should fence rails be cut and nailed between the posts or nailed onto the face of the posts?
    It is much better to cut and nail rails in between the posts. It takes a little longer, but it looks neather and more professional. This also ensures there is no gap between the face of the post and the palings.
  • Should I paint my fence?
    Timber is a natural product and sun/heat will make it warp. Most people do not paint / stain rough sawn paling fences, due to the upkeep. However painting or staining can help your fence last longer and reduce the warping. Expensive style fences made with dressed timber should be painted soon after being built using a light colour. Painting with dark colours will encourage warping.
  • Where to build my fence on the boundary or inside it?
    The middle of the fence post is generally placed on the boundary, but many people are unsure where there boundary falls. If you have an old fence and your neighbour is happy for the new fence to be in the same place you can avoid having the boundary surveyed. To get your boundary surveyed costs about $300 to $600. It can be worthwhile if you have no idea where your boundary is, as the last thing you want to happen is having disputes with your neighbour after the fence is built.
  • Does my neighbour share half of the cost of the fence?
    Generally, if you don't have a fence or the existing fence is in bad condition, then under the Fencing Act the neighbour does have to pay half the cost of a standard style fence. (Usually a 1.8m board paling fence). Check the council website as there is useful information on coming to an agreement with your neighbour prior to building. It is important to have everything in writing, and if the neighbour won't agree you can issue them with a fencing notice.
  • How do I book in a fencing job with Twin Coast Fencing?
    Contact us by phone or via our website contact form. We are happy to meet with you and go through your fencing requirements. We will advise an approximate starting date and advise when building materials will be delivered. We pride ourselves on excellent communication and will keep you informed every step of the way. If there are any specific delivery instructions, let us know. Building materials need to be delivered within the property, to avoid being stolen.


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